Kala sleep is for high-performance life.

Our Mission:

You go hard. You aim high. You push yourself. You hustle. And at the end of the day, you need more than just sleep: you deserve the ultimate recovery. At Kala, we know that all performance - mental, physical, athletic, professional, personal - starts the night before. With advanced science, luxury design, and top-of-the-line materials, we create products that change your performance tomorrow by changing the quality of your sleep tonight.

What motivates us:

Achieving your ultimate potential
We know you dream big, and we want to give you the power to get there. With superior products and leading-edge information on sleep science, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your highest potential, day and night.

Investing in yourself
No one has infinite time, energy, or resources. You invest in what makes your life better - and we know you deserve the best. We believe investing in your most restorative sleep is the first step toward achieving your goals - which is why we dedicate our time, energy, and resources to creating it.

Emphasizing balance
Science and beauty, technology and design, form and function: we know that the experiences most essential to you are more than the sum of their parts. That’s what guides us as we craft our products: it’s all about balance.

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